Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Past 24 Hours...

We had such a good Halloween this year. Jacob really got the "trick-or-treating" part and Dylan loved wearing his costume (which I never expected!). Walking through the streets with friends and family last night, I realized how blessed I am. It's like the joy of being a kid on a holiday is even better when you are a parent realizing that joy with your child. Thanksgiving and we come!

Jacob and I got to go to Aldridge Gardens for a field trip Friday Morning.
What a neat little retreat in the middle of the city!

These are the pumpkins we carved and decorated on Thursday night.

Dustin gets the credit for the best pumpkin....Thomas the Train!

Getting ready to head to the parade and trick-or-treating.

Jacob and his Gi-Gi, dressed as a fairy princess at Jacob's request.

Our crew for the parade and trick-or-treating.
Jacob and Emily were so cute!

We all had so much fun. Here is Jacob and his princesses.

Here is the costume(s) I was most impressed with.
The Flintstones - and Fred would yell "Yabba Dabba Dooo!"
each time they took off running to the next house.

In Publix - Dylan and his buddy Daniel steered the way!
Publix always has games and prizes for the kids on Halloween - easy and fun excursion of the kids.

Seriously - Jacob walked so much Friday night he was limping with sore feet the next morning! We had to give him Advil and a Foot Spa to try to get him ready for the 9:30 soccer game! You know you've done well trick-or-treating when you need a Foot Spa the next day because you can hardly walk!!!!

The parents worried the kids wouldn't be into the game after the night out for Halloween. But it seems the sugar highs gave them a lot of energy! Although not playing soccer here, they were being a train and collapsing on each other and it was pretty funny. They just all look so happy here :)

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