Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter, Dog & Soccer!

Man, time gets by me sometimes. Easter has come and gone and Jacob's birthday is next week...he's going to be 5! FIVE?! What?! In any case, here are the Easter pictures. We had a great weekend (not to mention a hugely successful Garage Sale the day before Easter!).

Below the Easter Pics is Hobbs, our new Puppy dog...or not so much a puppy! And then a silly picture from Soccer.

Our days are getting busy with all that April and May bring. We hope you and your friends and family are doing well and enjoying the spring weather.

Happy little guys.

Jacob striking his GQ pose.

Hunting for Eggs at Gigi's house

Gigi and the boys

Laura, Mom and Jenny

Our newest Family Member - Hobbs.
Full Golden Retriever, trained, 3 years old - Wonderful!

Soccer Team Silly Picture! That would be Jacob on the bottom left!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blue Angel VIP's!

We went to the Tuscaloosa Air Show on Saturday. The weather was PERFECT, the traffic was TERRIBLE, and the Blue Angel VIP Passes Marcus got us were a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity. Here are a few pictures from our big adventure. And yes, I want to be a Blue Angel when I grow up...pretty sure that would be a rockin' job!

After the show we got to take a picture with the pilots on the runway in front of jet #6.

We even snagged some front row seats in the Blue Angel VIP tent. Most of the people we were sitting with were the Parents, Spouses and Kids of the team, or maintenance staff for the jets. We were blessed to get to hang out with them for the day.

This is Fat Albert. It's the C-130 plane carrying everyone and everything related to the Blue Angels other than the 7 jets and their pilots. Jacob LOVES Fat Albert!

Diamond Formation - My awesome Photography. Dustin tells me I should move to Aviation Photography...
Uh no! I'm going to be a Blue Angel, remember?

This is Marcus, Dustin, Jacob, Allen and Jake with Maj. Brendan Burks, who happens to be the pilot for Fat Albert (the plane Jacob loves so much). Marcus is friends with Brendan and he's who got us the VIP passes.

Hanging out on the Runway waiting to meet the Blue Angels team.

Heading home. Walking back from the Runway and off to find our car.