Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cape San Blas

Last week we went to Cape San Blas with Dustin's family. They have been going there pretty much Dustin's whole life. It's a really remote beach - it's a strip of land that jets off the Panhandle. There are no big condos, restaraunts or grocery stores. There is 1 gas station and 1 convenience store. There was a bear spotted playing with the gas pumps the week before we were there (which happened to be across the street from the house we stayed in) and sting rays are a common thing to have swim around you in the ocean! They also have lots of rules for sea turtles (turn off the outside lights at night, close blinds, dont use flashlights on the beach, etc). So it's a neat little place to go for a slow and relaxing week.

Here are several pictures I took this week. Jacob is a true Beach Boy. Dylan dined on sand by the handfulls - yuck!
It was a great time!

(eating the sand)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dylan's 1st Birthday

Dylan turned the Big 1 on May 30. He just seems older to me. He's communicating with us more - whether that's in a positive or negative way - he let's us know what he needs. Maybe it's growling at his brother or smiling and waving at Dustin and I. Either way, he's a doll and becomes more and more entertaining all the time.

For his 1st birthday we had a small cookout at our house mainly with family. We grilled out, opened presents, everyone signed a Dr. Suess Book called "Happy Birthday To You" for Dylan and of course - there was cake. Remember - Dylan has allergies, so we had to make a special egg-free, dairy-free cake. Here is what happened with that!!! Oh yeah, and apparently there was something he couldn't have in the green icing. There was a reaction, but fortunately it was diverted with Benedryl!

The Cake - for the rest of us - turned out too cute!

Sweet little Dyl before he became the cake monster!

And Poof - he became the cake monster!
For whatever reason, he loved rubbing it all over his face?!

His Blue Eyes Glowed behind that Chocolate icing.