Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Festivities

October has been so busy, but lots of fun. Here are a few pictures from last night's Halloween Carnival at our church and from Jacob's Halloween Parade and Party this morning at school. There are only 2 boys in his class, how funny they were both Buzz!

Jacob in his school costume parade

Dylan the Frog and Gi-Gi at the BPUMC Halloween Carnival
(the mummy costume shown previously was destroyed in about 30 minutes. This is costume #2 for Dylan!)

Jacob's Cute little 4K Class. Waiting to start the Parade!

Game Time! Make a Mummy out of a classmate.

Jacob won "Pin the Cat on the Witch's Broom"!

Mommy and Jacob at the party

The 2 Buzz Lightyear's Running off to the party.
They were both making flying noises and saying "To Infinite and Beyond!"

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Shelley said...

The last picture of the buzz lightyears has to be the cutest picture ever (granted, all of the pictures are precious - as always). I can just imagine Jacob as buzz. I don't want the boys to every grow up! Happy Halloween!