Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dinner with the grandparents

Went to dinner at Nina and Poppa's last night (Dad and Carol). Here is Jacob reinacting exactly what Carol was doing in dinner preparations....no really, exactly.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Twas the Day Before Easter

Easter is always a fun time of year. It's when the weather starts to warm up and we get to venture out of the shadows of our winter shelter and enjoy some fresh air....although I do remember it being frickin' freezing last year! In any case, we are taking it all in this year and enjoying the boys. Here are some photos from last weekend and today....

The Stricklands at the Calera UMC egg hunt!

The Easter Bunny came and visited us at the
BPUMC Easter Egg Hunt.

Playing in the backyard on Good Friday.
Enjoying the pretty weather.

Playing in the backyard on Good Friday.
Enjoying the pretty weather.

No really - we love Easter- really.
Can't you see it in our expressions?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Super Busy Weekend

What a weekend. We accomplished a lot! Starting back on Thursday, Jacob started playing soccer. Dustin is the head coach - bless his sweet little heart. Their first practice went really well. Jacob asks to go play soccer every day now. Their first game is March 15 - check back then for updates because I am sure that will be worthy of an entry of it's own.

Friday night we took the boys Bowling for the first time. Well, Dylan just hung out with us :) But Jacob had a 6lb ball and loved it. Did you know they can turn on the bumpers for 1 person and they pop up when "player 2" has their turn and go back down for everyone else? What a great idea. That being the case, Jacob almost beat me!

Saturday I was sick with a bug, but Jacob and Dustin redid our walkway in the front yard. He can hardly move today. But they worked hard. I was up 'til 1am working on a clients site. Then today we went to church and then to the Zoo. Jacob always has a blast at the zoo.

So all is well in our world. Dylan is pulling up on tables and chairs. He hit 9 months old this weekend also. Getting so big too fast.