Sunday, May 24, 2009

1 week down.....

The kids have been out of school for 1 week and it was certainly a busy one. I think this was a good thing because it helped ease them from noticing they didn't go to school (which they both love).

I hope we keep this up to be honest. The activity keeps us busy and that makes me happy because it means I don't have whining kids at home. So if you are looking for something to do this summer - call us!

Oh, and one other thing that I won't post a picture of - Dylan has pee-pee'd in the potty twice this week! He's still 1 year old (for 1 more week anyway) and he has initiated all interest. I'm so proud of him! Yea Dylan!

Here is "the" Blue Bird I've been talking about for 2 weeks now. I posted a video on Facebook, but this little guy has been attacking my car for 16 days now. He's doing it now as I type this. He has a bird house near by, so we are assuming he's attacking his reflection in the windows. I can't keep my car clean for anything. At least it's been raining a good bit lately, that helps clean it off a little.

We met up with Ms. Kelly and Jackson at the playground one night. They played so hard!

Jacob - the Ladies Man! This was at Mallory and Tucker's Birthday Party at Tannehill.

This is Jacob and Dylan and Matthew and Jake's Birthday Party. It was a Monster Truck Party. Thankfully the rain held off for both of the birthday parties that day.

We have playdates with Emily and Daniel almost weekly. This week we got to play outside the entire time. It was beautiful weather and the kids had fun. This was when we pulled out the Playdo. I'm so glad they all get along so well.

We had the U-4 Orange Crush Soccer Team over for the End of Year Soccer Party Thursday night. We pulled out the swimming pools, sprinklers, waterguns and water balloons. It would have been Perfect if it would have just been a little warmer for the swimmers.

Coach Dustin held nothing back! He was shooting them all with water guns as much as anyone else!

Friday Morning I made the boys a fort under the Dining Room table. I pulled the blankets back for the picture, but they had pillows and stuffed animals and a flashlight and a lot of fun. Here they were eating their yogurt for breakfast. The funniest part was when Hobbs wiggled his way in there with them!

Saturday we went to the Zoo. The new exhibit is open where you can brush a Rhino. It was pretty amazing. This one weighs 4,400 lbs. And they use Bamboo to hold her back? Really? Nah, I'm sure that Bamboo is loaded with cement inside. Very Cool Exprience for Dustin and Jacob.

While at the zoo, the Alligator was putting on quite the show. It was eerie to hear this in person. We aren't sure what he was doing, but we are guessing it was some kind of mating ritual. Super Strange! (Pause the Music Player on the Blog and Turn up your volume to hear the sounds he's making)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jacob is officially a Kindergartener!

Thursday night was Jacob's 4K Graduation from the Day School at Cahaba Bend. If to talk to us often, you know we love this place. This was their first year to have the Day School and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found that place and put my children in their program.

Jacob had a good audience (of which was on the front row!) of Mommy, Daddy, Dylan, Gigi and Grandma. They sang all of their color songs (of which they can spell each color) which was impressive. They each got a diploma and a special book from Ms. Maggie ( the director).

I was pretty sure I wouldn’t cry. After all, I’m pretty excited about Kindergarten. But I thought Dustin might. Well…I sobbed like a baby! And just about everyone else did too. From the kind and emotional words from Ms. Maggie and Ms. Jenni (their teacher) to the amazing slide show Ms. Jenni did. I was completely, fall apart, hands in face, sobbing?!

What is the first day of Kindergarten going to be like? All I know is I will NOT be listening to the song “Let Them Be Little” by Billy Dean (song you may be listening to now on the blog). You listen to those words and not cry if you have a little one! Not Possible!

May 14, 2009

Jacob was one of 2 boys in a class of 10...
He handled it very well though!

Getting his Diploma and Book

Jacob with Ms Jenni (he has a framed picture of her & the class on his nightstand). Those kids love Ms. Jenni (Parents too!)

The Stricklands with their little graduate

Jacob and his buddy Cloe at the reception.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Messy Art Party!

We had a combined birthday party on May 3rd for the boys this year. Jacob turned 5 on April 27 and Dylan will be 2 on May 30. So we had a Messy Art Party at our house. I had all of these glorious plans to have the event outside in the large flat driveway with a large canopy over the kids to block from the sparkling sun. No such luck! In fact, We had Tornado Warnings all afternoon. Including one that put us in our Safe Place in the middle of my decorating!

So we had the party inside. I just took the hand I was dealt and we had a Shaving Cream table in the Living Room, a Play-Do Area in Jacob's Room and All things Paint in the Back Room. Here are just a few pictures from the party. The boys had a blast.

I made 63 Colorful Cupcakes (and Special thanks to my mom for icing them all - which interupted by the tornado warning that sent us into our safe place!)

Finger Painting, Painting, Stickers, Glue, Confetti, Pipe Cleaners and More!

I got a large canvas and all of the kids painted on it. It's in our playroom now and we LOVE it. So much personality on one piece of canvas!

Miss Jennifer and Daniel with our cousins Ben & Dillon.

Several of our friends from the Day School!

Jacob at the Shaving Cream Table "Before"

Dylan at the Shaving Cream Table "After"!

Shaving Cream Table
(notice the weather stayed on the tv the whole time!)

Birthday Boys about to blow out their candles

Everyone Jump! By the end of the party the storms were gone (of course!) So we let them run around and burn some of that energy!
Messy Art take 2 - this was done after Cake and Ice Cream. I Love the colors in this.