Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Christmas Season is here!

We have put up the Strickland Christmas Tree of 2008! We have a good bit going on for the next couple of weekends, so we went ahead and put up the tree this weekend. Up until we got the actually decorate, Jacob was about to come out of his skin with excitement. He did indeed help decorate the tree with ornaments, of which I took the picture below. He created several "ornament clusters" that we'll leave exactly as they are.
Dylan's interest when we were decorating was to take the ornaments off as we put the on! None broken so far and his interest in touching (aside from the light saber that went into the tree) has been minimal. Our fingers are crossed as my mom reminded me of Matt pulling our tree over when he was Dylan's age. They had to wire it to the wall!
Later Jacob sat on the couch with me and said "Momma, I just love our tree. Let's look at it forever"...Ok sweet boy, deal!

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