Monday, November 10, 2008

Trying New Things

Today Gi-Gi took Jacob iceskating. He's never tried it before, but he loved watching the Disney on Ice (declaring he wants to be an ice-skating Buzz Lightyear) so we thought it would be a great idea. Dylan and I had to go to the dr. to get him the Flu Shot Booster, but we met up with them later and got a few pictures. Jacob could walk on the ground great in skates and tried soooooo hard to iceskate. He made it around the rink by holding the side or holding Gi-GI's hands. He stopped at one point and when my mom asked him what was wrong he said "I'm just trying to think about how to get my bones to do this". I love him so much for trying as hard as he did at something so new and hard.

And on an unrelated note - Super Funny, but shouldn't be. Yesterday Jacob started calling out to Dylan to get his attention "Hey Dylan....Dylan....Hey Fartface!" I burst out laughing - he didn't even say Fart right .... really it sounded more like "Furtface". I said "Who says that?" And he said Louis does on Meet the Robinsons. Thanks Louis for teaching my 4 year old about Furtface! (and yes, I did tell him not to say that word anymore!)

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