Monday, January 21, 2008

Snow Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures to share from the Snow on Saturday. I posted a video earlier and what Jacob thought about it. Dylan could tell something was different outside. He was calmer and just looked around in curiousity. He took a long nap Saturday Morning, which worked out great so we could have snowball fights.

Look at those Blue eyes! Gets 'um from his Daddy.


Saturday we had our first "real" snow in many, many years. We woke up disappointed and quite frankly I was cussing the weather men out. But within a couple of hours, the snow came and it came fast! Jacob was such a blast to play with. Snowball fights were his cup of tea. He loves the opportunity to throw stuff at Mommy and Daddy and get away with it. We played until the very last little bit melted.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Who Knew?

I found this picture on the side of my mom's fridge. Back behind the monthly calendar, invitations and other pictures that had been added over the years. A picture of my brother Matt and I and our childhood friends, Kevin & Rob Guyette. The Guyettes moved off to Arizona probably 20 years ago, but we've kept in touch over all these years.

In the Christmas Newsletter I received this year I learned that Kevin, on the far left, plays baseball with the Boston RedSox. Rob, dressed in the fine clown outfit, is flying fighter jets with the Marines and is studying to become an astronaut. I am dressed in a lovely cheerleading outfit, with what appears to be the largest pom-poms known to man. This is a future business owner and mom to 2 precious little boys. And Matt...oh Matt, Matt, Matt. Matt is dressed up in his Halloween Costume as Micheal Jackson (he even had a white glove for one hand). Michael, I mean Matt, will become a Sales Manager for a world-wide Crane business.

Who ever would have known, when taking this picture, that these 4 goofy and awkward kids would someday be pretty successful adults?! It sure does make me stop and look at my kids and wonder where in the world they will be in 20 years. It truly could be anywhere!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here are some videos I've been wanting to share....

(yes, I know it's filmed sideways. Just turn your head!)

Our Favorite Song to sing to Dylan.

On Christmas Eve Mom broke out in song and dance for her kids and grandkids. After posting this on YouTube and almost getting my rear beat for that, I decided to pull it from there and keep it among our family and friends - Yes, she is singing "All I want for Christmas is to get Krunk"!!

We have a Blog!

Well here we go. I have been working on websites for years, have my own website business and have never had my own blog. Wonder why? Time! With these two little guys and a new business, time is of the essence.

Which is exactly why the kids website is never up to date. It never makes the priority list. So we'll give the blog a shot and see if I can keep it more current with photos and stories from my 2 very funny little boys.

We're home for today - Severe weather is coming through. Maybe this isn't the best time to be online!

Here are some current pictures from Christmas. More to come! ( I know, famous last words!)