Friday, June 12, 2009

Um Yes....we are swimming here....

We are at Cape San Blas this week and I have many more pics and stories to share that will come once we get home on Sunday. This one was crazy enough to share right away though.

Yesterday the family next to us was fishing by taking a kayak out about 100 yards off the beach and dropping a fishing line. Then he came back to shore and stood with it until something bit it. Well, we saw that this was going to be a big catch as he started pulling it in, but had no idea how big until the son pulled the shark up on the beach.

This was about a 6 foot Nurse Shark (eats plants, not people). After they removed the hook and and we all picked our jaws up off the beach, they released it. Can you believe this!?!?!


Shelley said...

Jenny Strickland! I hope you didnt go back into the water after that!!! I went to the shark exhibit at Mandalay Bay in Vegas a couple weeks ago. I am not sure how long it will be till I get back in the ocean water.

Carol R Johnson said...

Good to know that they don't eat people! I would need to know that data very quickly...before my heart failed! And, I'm so glad they released her.....with a name like Nurse Shark...she must be a good shark!