Sunday, June 28, 2009

Anyone still out there?

For those of you still out there who have had the faith I would eventually update this blog, this one's for you! The past two weeks have been rough. We got home from Cape San Blas and Jacob got Bronchitis and a Viral Lung Infection. As soon as he recovered, Dylan got sick and then early last week I got Walking Pneumonia.

So we're looking forward to a regular, normal week where we are not locked up in the house due to an illness! I have lots to update on here are a few to get us started....

My biggest news is that Dylan (a mere 24 months old) is Potty Trained! While he's literally "Potty" trained, we still have to conquer the other business. But he has completely done this on his own. I had no intentions of trying to do this for about another year. He's thinking Pull-ups are pretty cool and refuses to wear a diaper. How great is this!?

We had a partial Family Cookout with my Dad's family on May 30th. The picture of Dylan above is of him copying the big kids making a silly face.

This is Jacob and his cousin Allison. These two had a blast together.

This is some of the crew hanging out on the deck watching many of the kids play a game of baseball in the backyard.

On the day before we left for Cape San Blas, my mom had a special treat for the boys. She bought them some books and had a "Book Hunt" in her backyard (thinking Easter Egg Hunt). The boys each got a bag and searched for books throughout the yard. They thought this was a pretty cool idea! Jacob and I are on a roll with reading 1-2 New books every night. We've got a list we're keeping of each new book, so these additions were all welcome!

This is Dylan finding a book in the fern! Thanks Gigi!

Have a train table that sits alone and unplayed with? Here is our newest use of the train table. Turn it into a Zoo! We gathered all the different animals from around the house and even setup a train to go around the zoo. Both boys played with this way longer than I ever anticipated!

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