Thursday, May 14, 2009

Messy Art Party!

We had a combined birthday party on May 3rd for the boys this year. Jacob turned 5 on April 27 and Dylan will be 2 on May 30. So we had a Messy Art Party at our house. I had all of these glorious plans to have the event outside in the large flat driveway with a large canopy over the kids to block from the sparkling sun. No such luck! In fact, We had Tornado Warnings all afternoon. Including one that put us in our Safe Place in the middle of my decorating!

So we had the party inside. I just took the hand I was dealt and we had a Shaving Cream table in the Living Room, a Play-Do Area in Jacob's Room and All things Paint in the Back Room. Here are just a few pictures from the party. The boys had a blast.

I made 63 Colorful Cupcakes (and Special thanks to my mom for icing them all - which interupted by the tornado warning that sent us into our safe place!)

Finger Painting, Painting, Stickers, Glue, Confetti, Pipe Cleaners and More!

I got a large canvas and all of the kids painted on it. It's in our playroom now and we LOVE it. So much personality on one piece of canvas!

Miss Jennifer and Daniel with our cousins Ben & Dillon.

Several of our friends from the Day School!

Jacob at the Shaving Cream Table "Before"

Dylan at the Shaving Cream Table "After"!

Shaving Cream Table
(notice the weather stayed on the tv the whole time!)

Birthday Boys about to blow out their candles

Everyone Jump! By the end of the party the storms were gone (of course!) So we let them run around and burn some of that energy!
Messy Art take 2 - this was done after Cake and Ice Cream. I Love the colors in this.

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