Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jacob is officially a Kindergartener!

Thursday night was Jacob's 4K Graduation from the Day School at Cahaba Bend. If to talk to us often, you know we love this place. This was their first year to have the Day School and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found that place and put my children in their program.

Jacob had a good audience (of which was on the front row!) of Mommy, Daddy, Dylan, Gigi and Grandma. They sang all of their color songs (of which they can spell each color) which was impressive. They each got a diploma and a special book from Ms. Maggie ( the director).

I was pretty sure I wouldn’t cry. After all, I’m pretty excited about Kindergarten. But I thought Dustin might. Well…I sobbed like a baby! And just about everyone else did too. From the kind and emotional words from Ms. Maggie and Ms. Jenni (their teacher) to the amazing slide show Ms. Jenni did. I was completely, fall apart, hands in face, sobbing?!

What is the first day of Kindergarten going to be like? All I know is I will NOT be listening to the song “Let Them Be Little” by Billy Dean (song you may be listening to now on the blog). You listen to those words and not cry if you have a little one! Not Possible!

May 14, 2009

Jacob was one of 2 boys in a class of 10...
He handled it very well though!

Getting his Diploma and Book

Jacob with Ms Jenni (he has a framed picture of her & the class on his nightstand). Those kids love Ms. Jenni (Parents too!)

The Stricklands with their little graduate

Jacob and his buddy Cloe at the reception.

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