Sunday, July 12, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes....

Jacob and Dylan this morning before church. They are wearing the rare matching outfit, so I was trying to take a picture. Best I could get was of them laying down. So much for capturing the outfits!
I had 2 little conversations we've had with Jacob that I wanted to share. I love hearing what kids come up with. They have untainted little minds and everything is so literal.

Last week I was in the car with the kids and here is how this conversation went:
Jacob: "Mom, I'm afraid to go to heaven when I die"
Me: "Oh, No! It's the most perfect place you could imagine. It will have all of the things there that you love!"
Jacob: "Will it have trains and Ring Pops"?
Me: "I'm sure it will"
Jacob: "Can I have Ring Pops for breakfast"?
Me: "That's going to be between you and God"!

He went to VBS last week, and between that and all of the celebrity deaths that were going on, I think that's what sparked that. But what better place could a 5 year old boy imagine than one with Trains and Ring Pops!

Then on Friday night the 4 of us had gone out and about and ended the night with a treat from Dairy Queen. Here is how this exchange went:
Jacob: "Hey Mom and Dad, you know what?" (laughing to himself) "God is in my heart and he's looking up and drinking my ice cream!"
- he leans his head back like he imagines God is and acts like he's catching ice cream in his mouth
Jacob: "Except it's getting all over his head!"
-and he started rubbing his hands through his hair like he thought God might be

We were all laughing. Jacob was pretty amused with his thoughts. Dustin and I were laughing at how he was literally taking "God is in my heart" to mean there was a little man in his heart and he was looking up and trying to drink this ice cream that was splashing all over the place!!

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