Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fingers, Snow & Bingo

Last Sunday morning we had snow....around 3 inches I guess! It was great snowball snow and it was the first time Dylan has been able to get out in snow and play with it. He LOVED looking out the window and seeing it snow. He talked and talked and talked and pointed and shrilled with joy about it. Outside was fun for about 1 minute until he got wet and his hands and nose got cold! But then he didn't want to go inside. So it was mixed emotions for that little guy. Jacob Loved it and wanted to be outside the entire time the snow was here. He and I had fun throwing snowballs out into the street (sorry neighbors for the slick spot by our house!) and watching them bust. Stomping through the slush in rain boots...oh the joys of being a little boy.

One day before that, Saturday, Jacob had an accident and smashed the heck out of his finger. I bought an umbrella for the backyard (think 9ft wooden heavy umbrella in a box). It was propped up and he was messing with it. It started to fall over and he tried to catch it and it smashed his nail on the metal strip that separated the carpet from the kitchen floor. Monday the Dr. drilled a little hole in the nail to relieve some of the swelling and pressure. And I've had to do it each night since to help relieve the pain. NOT fun, but it feels good to know I can do something to help it. It looks terrible and we're anxiously awaiting for that little nail to fall off. The Doctor was amazing with him (I even wrote him a thank you note). I think I would have cried harder than Jacob did!

Dylan is getting so big. He's 21 months old and talking so much now.
It's fun seeing him and Jacob playing together....of course with that comes fighting too!

It's hard to tell, but Jacob's eating a snowball here. He thought that was pretty cool.
(The cold snow was good for his finger swelling too! A bonus!)

Dylan stomping through the snow. He hated the mittens and kept pulling them off. I can't say that I blame him! they just dont make a lot of water proof gloves for hands that small!

The Snowman built by Jacob and Dustin. Jacob was calling the buttons "Belly Buttons"! He said, we need to find 3 Belly Buttons for him. Too Funny!

The trees in our yard. Me trying to pretend to be a photographer :)

Family Game Night last Friday night.
Jacob loves playing Alphabet Bingo and "Being In Charge" - aka - calling out the letters.

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