Thursday, February 26, 2009

Camera & Flowers

I just had 2 little things to add today...

1. Dustin got me some very cheerful flowers for Valentines Day. That would be almost 2 weeks ago. Never in the history of cut flowers did I know they could last this long and still look so perfect. I am beginning to question if they are fake? Nah, they're real, but I'm still amazed they look this good after 2 weeks!

2. I got this idea out of a magazine, so I can't claim credit, but I tried it and love it. I like to keep my camera in my purse, but my camera big is a little too big to put in my purse. So I took one of Dylan's baby socks and put the camera in it. It fits perfectly, it's cute and soft and it protects the camera (and is easily washable when it gets dirty!). Certainly a tip I wanted to share!

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