Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Catch-up

Well, the past 2 weeks have been a complete whirlwind! I had a blast, but am so glad to get back to routine. Sorry for the delay in blog updates. There were so many pictures to go through and post that I just kept putting it off. But here are a few I've pulled that express the fun we had.

Dinner with Friends - we had some friends over for dinner shortly before Christmas. The house was full of little ones. Here is Dustin and Marcus with the little guys - Dylan and Ian.

Christmas Eve - Dylan is dancing with Grandpa to Christmas Music

Christmas Eve - Jacob and Dylan love to climb the column at my mom's house. They try to touch the ceiling. Thanks to Aunt Laura for always giving them a boost.

Christmas Eve - Dont let Matt's scary face give you the wrong idea. He's got a heart of gold. This year for Christmas he refused gifts from everyone -said we should spend the money on other things. He did get some donations towards a mission trip he's planning to take this year though and we made a donation to give 2 kids clean water for life in an undeveloped country in his name. I was super proud of him.

Laura, oh Laura! This was a bonus Christmas Gift I gave Laura. I saw it and said, whatever she does on New Years, she'll sure stand out in a crowd! She loved it and Matt was completely jealous!

Christmas Eve Evening - Here is my sweet Jacob looking for Santa. His excitement and love and joy was enough to melt the coldest of hearts. He was such pure joy this year.

Christmas Morning! Santa left a big Pirate Ship in the middle of the Living Room! He even had to move the coffee table out of the room. The boys immediately jumped in and started playing - they forgot there were other presents to open!

Jacob got a guitar and a harmonica for Christmas this year. He is very proud of the guitar and says he doesnt need lessons, he already knows how to play. Mommy would object to that! It's a joyful noise though.

Dylan honestly could have done without Christmas this year I think. It overwhelmed him a bit. All the parties, gatherings, decorations, gifts, etc. This was his favorite toy he got but he didnt care to open many of his presents. We even forgot about his stocking until 5:00pm Christmas night. He just kept going to the back room (play room) and playing in the regular quiet room with his regular toys!)

Christmas Morning - After the dust cleared, Gigi, Matt and Laura came over for breakfast and played with the boys. Here Jacob is playing with the Leapster 2 and Dylan is laying down - yet still vaccuming!

Christmas Afternoon - The aftermath at Dad's house. Presents opened and played with, food eaten, now the naps commence!

Jacob got a Storm Trooper costume from Nina and Poppa (dad and carol). He wore this for the rest of Christmas Day after he got it. He thought he looked pretty cool!

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Leigh said...

Your home is so pretty decorated for Christmas. Welcome to blogging (publically)