Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Highlights - June 08

What a great summer we've had already! I'll go ahead and say that working with 2 little boys at home with you for the summer is close to impossible, but late nights are my work time. I love them to death, but do look forward to school starting again so I can get work done before the clock strikes midnight.

Some things we've done this summer so far...
Zoo (see animals and play in fountains), Chuck E Cheese's with Jacob's friends, Botanical Gardens, Homewood Park playground, Helena's playground, Helena Library Weekly story time, Oak Mountain Petting Zoo, McWane Center, Summer Fun Day at their New School, Beach trip to Cape San Blas, lots of swimming (Matt's pool, Grandma's pool, our baby pool, slip n slide), went to see Wall-E, and Jacob went to Zoo Camp for a week, and a few visits to the bookstore
(a Jacob favorite!)

Here are a couple pictures from our outings...

Dylan at Botanical Gardens

Jacob at McWane Center

Jacob at Petting Zoo

Jacob at the library
(Ronald McDonald came and did a show for the kids)

The boys playing in the fountains at the zoo
Jacob and his school buddies at Chuck E Cheese

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