Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shop Smart, I Say

Ok, so we all have those great pictures stored on our computers, but it costs a ton to get something framed, right? NO! Check out what I did for less than $30 total (including tax, shipping, framing, everything).

1. Got a coupon from a photo company saying I had a free print (get on the mailing lists and they'll send you these things). I have accounts with several different companies and use whoever has the best deal going on when I need to order prints. Primarily use Snapfish, Shutterfly and Kodak. The coupon was for 1 free 11x14 print. (+ tax & shipping = <$2.50)

2. Get a Frame (16x20) from Hobby Lobby during a 50% off week. (regular price $30, for me, $15)

3. Choose Custom Mat Color and get Hobby Lobby to cut it professionally and even put the photo, mat and frame together, including the loops and wire added to the back. (Cost $9.00 for mat, $1.00 for loops and wire, $0 for labor!)

Poof, I walk out of the store with a beautiful 16x20 framed photograph ready to hang on the wall! Be smart about it and you can get quality pieces for little moola.

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Shelley said...

First off, YEA for Dylan walking! I bet Jacob is excited (and you are exhausted).

AND I must say I have already gone to Hobby Lobby this week for a frame. 50% week is a must.