Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dylan's 1st Birthday

Dylan turned the Big 1 on May 30. He just seems older to me. He's communicating with us more - whether that's in a positive or negative way - he let's us know what he needs. Maybe it's growling at his brother or smiling and waving at Dustin and I. Either way, he's a doll and becomes more and more entertaining all the time.

For his 1st birthday we had a small cookout at our house mainly with family. We grilled out, opened presents, everyone signed a Dr. Suess Book called "Happy Birthday To You" for Dylan and of course - there was cake. Remember - Dylan has allergies, so we had to make a special egg-free, dairy-free cake. Here is what happened with that!!! Oh yeah, and apparently there was something he couldn't have in the green icing. There was a reaction, but fortunately it was diverted with Benedryl!

The Cake - for the rest of us - turned out too cute!

Sweet little Dyl before he became the cake monster!

And Poof - he became the cake monster!
For whatever reason, he loved rubbing it all over his face?!

His Blue Eyes Glowed behind that Chocolate icing.


Stephanie said...

oh my gosh- those cake pictures are PRICELESS!!

Shelley said...

I LOVE the new banner at the top! That is wonderful. Did you do that Jenny? Oh, and I ran into Crystal at Publix last night!