Monday, April 28, 2008

Jacob's Birthday Party, Milk, Eggs & Peanuts

So it's been a month since the last entry. Busy month! It seems like this is a popular month for birthdays. What happens 9 months ago that makes us all decide to have babies at the same time?

Jacob turned 4 on Sunday. FOUR! He's such a great kid and a very good big brother. We had a birthday party on Saturday with his soccer team at the playground out here in Helena. It was a great time. The weather held out, thankfully, as it was suppose to rain. We were missing a few key relatives, but are excited Laura completed her first 1/2 marathon in Nashville (mom was with her). Matt was at a wedding in MS. with Shelley. But they all came over Sunday night and we grilled out and opened Laura's present - a CARS Slip 'N Slide - Matt joined Jacob in the water! He won a few uncle points with that I believe!

On another note, as you may remember, We learned several months ago that Dylan has a milk protein allergy (dairy allergy). We learned the hard way when we gave him formula and ended up at the ER. Last week I took him to the Allgergist to see if he's outgrown it (think 1st bday cake, move from formula to milk, eat cheese & yogurt). Well, not only does he still have the dairy allergy, he also has an Egg allgery (both a 4 out of 4 on the scale) and a slight showing of Peanut (1 out of 4). So we are to keep all things dairy, egg and peanut related away. Guess what foods have these things in them? All of them! Ok, so it seems that way right now. But when a Goldfish is a "no-no" and he's on the prowl (crawling through the house) we have to make sure that the dear older brother hasn't left any snacks out. But! We'll get it figured out and hopefully when we retest at age 3 we'll learn they are all gone!

We hope everyone is doing well. Stay in touch!

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