Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Crafty

I've been feeling crafty lately. Not that I have the time for it, but I have to do something here and there to get the craft bug out of me. Here are a few things we've been up to around here in regards to making things...

I made a Fall Wreath for our Red Front Door this weekend. All of the materials cost me less than $20. And there is far more on this wreath than any of the premade wreaths that cost more. Old Time Pottery - Love that place!

This is one of my best Thrift Store finds. I found a 3'x4' chaulk board and bulletin board in the same trip. The Chaulk board was $4.88 and the Bulletin Board was $3.88! So I got to provide a great creative outlet spot in our playroom for the boys for less than $10!

Jacob is collecting Box Tops for his school. They make a big deal out of this (especially with financial strains these days) and earn around $5K per year from them. That's pretty amazing considering each one is worth 10 cents! They are having a contest right now that ends Oct 2 and the winning class from each grade gets a party. He's certainly doing his part! If you have any Box Tops, will you let me know? We'd love to get them!
Many of you know my mom had surgery on her spine recently. She's been having a hard time and is starting her 2nd week of recovery. During the first few days, Matt, Laura and I made Bird Baloons for, we really did. We laughed the whole time. Notice Matt's Red Bird in front. It had a hole in it and deflated shortly after he finished making it. Thanks Martha Stewart for the handy packaged supplies Laura found.

Jacob and I experienced Build a Bear for the first time about a week ago at a birthday party for his friend Regan. I was so excited because 1. Jacob really liked this place and 2. It's the closest thing to dressing up a doll that I'm going to get! Jacob chose the Tiger, named him Aubie and I got him an AU shirt. We've since been back for shoes and Jammies for Aubie.

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