Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Visit

We made our visit to see Santa at Brookwood last night. Jacob has been so excited about this. We've talked about what he was going to ask for, what he would say, whether Santa would remember him or not and in general he was giddy with excitement. When we got to his lap, Jacob got stage fright and like the little boy in "A Christmas Story", he couldn't say a word! So Mommy and Daddy helped him tell Santa what he wished for. He was just in complete awe. Later he told him that Santa did remember him though - so that's a good thing!

Dylan was excited to see "Ho Ho Ho". He walked right up to him with a smile on his face, but the minute I put him on Santas lap, he had the biggest scowl on his face! He didnt cry or seem scared, but not exactly excited! This was a pretty decent picture given his expression. Part of me wishes we got the scowl expression in the picture. Jacob never cried in a Santa picture and I think those are the best ones of all!!

Ages: Jacob 4, Dylan 18 months

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