Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Super Busy Weekend

What a weekend. We accomplished a lot! Starting back on Thursday, Jacob started playing soccer. Dustin is the head coach - bless his sweet little heart. Their first practice went really well. Jacob asks to go play soccer every day now. Their first game is March 15 - check back then for updates because I am sure that will be worthy of an entry of it's own.

Friday night we took the boys Bowling for the first time. Well, Dylan just hung out with us :) But Jacob had a 6lb ball and loved it. Did you know they can turn on the bumpers for 1 person and they pop up when "player 2" has their turn and go back down for everyone else? What a great idea. That being the case, Jacob almost beat me!

Saturday I was sick with a bug, but Jacob and Dustin redid our walkway in the front yard. He can hardly move today. But they worked hard. I was up 'til 1am working on a clients site. Then today we went to church and then to the Zoo. Jacob always has a blast at the zoo.

So all is well in our world. Dylan is pulling up on tables and chairs. He hit 9 months old this weekend also. Getting so big too fast.

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Shelley Scarbrough said...

Love seeing pics of the bowling trip you told me about! I think you guys need to go again (and we will go).

Hmm, I wonder if they sell kid bowling shoes. :) Juuust kidding!